It’s always sunny in LA

No really. Except for that one day, Wednesday, when it looked like SF from the air, a blanket of clouds covering the valley as far as I could see. And then when I got home it was sunny, so that was more in line with expectations.

I have a shoot starting in 9 hours. I should really get some sleep. I’ll most likely be back in SF in about three weeks.

It feels like summer here! And it’s kind of nice, if I don’t think about the lack of public transportation and culture.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations?


We rode the cable cars a few weeks ago, walked one of the routes on foot, visited Fort Mason and the Aquatic Park, and saw various interesting things in the last month. I turned 26 nearly three weeks ago. What a trip.

I’m sick again. I thought allergies must be causing this, but I’m pretty sure allergies don’t cause fevers. I think the worst has been over since Friday morning. Now just the cough remains.

Do I have a job yet? It looks like I’m going to LA to work on a low budget film within the next two weeks. I’m not sure I’m very excited about going to LA, but it will probably be nice to get out of town and get a tan or something. The microclimates in San Francisco are killing me.

I keep thinking I should write something but I can’t focus on anything. The other week I wrote something down about a guy sitting across the aisle from me on the BART, but it didn’t really matter in the end. He was just some guy with splashes of paint on his clothes and hands, eating nuts out of a can.

I went to a very good reading at the VONA workshop several weeks ago, which reminds me that I have to update my links, but I can get to that later. The reading featured the writers who led the VONA workshop at USF, and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t been to a reading in at least a year, so it was refreshing. I particularly enjoyed David Mura and Suheir Hammad.

Elmaz Abinader’s excerpt about the Lebanese civil war reminded me of my former professor, a woman who was key to my development as a poet about six years ago (wow, I’ve been writing for six years?). One of her books of poetry focused on the stories of Lebanese civil war survivors, and the poems within it were what I was suddenly reminded of while Elmaz was reading.

Off to sleep. Go watch Inception – you will probably like it!

Hemingway again

I’m reading “A Moveable Feast,” which is Hemingway’s memoir on his life as an expat in Paris. It’s very jarring at times, and it elaborates his fascination with machismo and heroism, but it also provides some interesting character studies of the people he knew. One of my favorite chapters so far has been about Gertrude Stein, whom he portrays as a complete bitch. I’m not sure how much of this is fiction, but it is certainly entertaining to see famous writers in the context of their friends, who are or eventually become famous writers themselves.

Just watched “Elegy,” with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz. It’s an adaptation of Roth’s “The Dying Animal,” and it makes me want to read the novel. I really enjoyed this film.

Germany plays Spain in a few short hours for the final spot in the world cup finals match!