I got back to SF last week, and we got the dog the same day, so we’ve had her for a week now. She’s pretty quiet and loves to cuddle, except when she doesn’t see one of us and starts crying. So it’s been a bit of a challenge to go anywhere. She got motion sickness on the first day when we were going home and threw up on me three times.

Her name is Mia and she just turned three months old. Next week we’ll be able to take her out to play with other dogs, and I’ll post more pictures 🙂

Shooting on stage is fun

That’s a lie. It’s not fun at all, but at least it’s easier than being on location. Anyway, this is my weekly update since I’m working 14 hour days. Next week I’m going back to SF and M and I are getting a puppy! This is going to be awesome. I will post extensive pictures.