What’s happened in three nearly five months? I went to Texas, translated a novel, and am moving to a new place with M in the next few months. It will be one that we’ll own though, so that’s a major step for us. Looks like I’ll also be doing much more translation work.

The dog has grown. We’re going to NYC in April, so we’re definitely hoping to move before that happens, or at least before the summer.

I started going to the gym and I never thought I’d be happy to run a 10 minute mile, but I finally can. It’s sad though, because I ran track in high school and could run a 2:20 half-mile. Hopefully I can keep improving.

My friend Stevie Edwards got into the Cornell and Michigan MFA for poetry. Congrats to her! I forgot about the MFA application season. I’m sure it got pretty crazy on the MFA blog, as usual.