A possible 3 for 3

I didn’t get any funding from Rutgers-Camden, which is rather unfortunate.  It looks as though I may be in at Rutgers-Newark, as my application status changed to “You have been recommended for admission.”  I’d be happy if I got accepted there, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get any funding there either.

Since I applied as an international student, Rutgers-Camden tuition is a whopping 40k a year.  With no funding, I will definitely not be going.

I still haven’t received any funding information from Emerson.  Hopefully the letter that should be coming soon will have that.  At the least, I should be able to defer my admission to Emerson for a year.  I think if all else fails, that’s what I’ll do.
I’m still waiting for news from Hollins, Houston, Montana, and USF.
I’m pretty sure I’ve been rejected from Iowa, Penn State, The New School, and Arizona.