A single song to sing

Name a single song that you wish you could sing (if you’re not a good singer like me). I’m talking perfection – one song you could always sing perfectly. For me, it’s Jeff Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I can’t think of a more powerful piece of lyrical genius.

Your turn.

7 thoughts on “A single song to sing

  1. I wonder, are you girls/guy subscribing to future comments when you post comments? Because I'm never sure of where to reply. I usually subscribe whenever I comment on something, but who knows. Anyway, Som – I'm in love with Ritter. I'll have to check out Arthur Joseph's work though.

    Everybody else: Will check out those songs and get back to you.

  2. Had I read this post a year back, I would've said Hallelujah too. No kidding. The song still haunts me, it's so…surreal.

    Now, however, it's Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. I'd like to play it, as well as sing it, but singing it gets the preferance. Her voice is…like a molten whisper. Heart-breaking music, heart-breaking song.

    I love this post, Denis. It's something we wish for everyday, but you actually caught that train of thought and put it down. Thank you.

  3. “My Love” by The Bird & The Bee. I'm a good singer actually, but this song is beautiful in part because it's set in a very delicate range and key . . . perfection eludes me with this one. It doesn't have the most profound lyrics ever, but it's such a sweet and brave little song.

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