And after

I’ve been very successful at limiting the amount of information available about me on Google. It’s interesting to know just how easy it is to find facts about people, given specific things.

Once I realized that Google caches everything, I became concerned about privacy issues. This is old news to many people, but your identity is not as secure as you think. It only takes a few minutes to find things about you that you might not want people to know.

My friend X recently told me about how she, after meeting someone online and getting his name, Googled him and found out everything about the guy. Her level of obsessiveness was amazing. She read his blog, his friends’ blogs, found out where his parents live and what they do, and basically knew most everything about him before the first or second date. I consider that creepy. It’s enough for me to do a cursory search on someone. I don’t usually go in depth.

Props to you if you found me just by my first name.