Books to read or reread

In no particular order, these are the books I plan on reading or rereading this summer:

The Year of Magical Thinking – Joan Didion (she’s a Cal grad…I did not know this until just now!!)
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – Annie Dillard (she went to Hollins)
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius – Dave Eggers (rereading and skipping the MTV section)
Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts
A River Runs Through It – Norman Maclean
The Brothers Karamazov – Dostoyevsky
The Savage Detectives – Roberto Bolano
2666 – Roberto Bolano
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami
A Wild Sheep Chase – Haruki Murakami
Dance Dance Dance – Haruki Murakami
Disgrace – J.M. Coetzee (rereading)
Interpreter of Maladies – Jhumpa Lahiri (rereading)
Speak! Memory – Vladimir Nabokov
Pale Fire – Vladimir Nabokov (rereading)
Middlesex – Jeffrey Eugenides (rereading)
The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugenides (rereading)
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – Junot Diaz
The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears – Dinaw Mengestu
Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett
W;t – Margaret Edson (rereading)
Stop-Time: A Memoir – Frank Conroy
Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace
Another Bullshit Night in Suck City – Nick Flynn (I may not read this, the title is irritating)
Elegy on Toy Piano – Dean Young
Moscow to the End of the Line – Venedikt Erofeev
The Sound and the Fury – William Faulkner
Gravity’s Rainbow – Thomas Pynchon
Runaway – Alice Munro

Post will be updated as soon as I think of more books. Please post suggestions for nonfiction/memoir/fiction/short story collections and anthologies.

8 thoughts on “Books to read or reread

  1. Thanks Lindsay! I'm pretty democratic with my reading list. Graphic memoirs sound interesting so I'll check those out.

  2. I REALLY need to read Dave Eggers and David Foster Wallace, but I keep putting it off. I'm definitely adding Infinite Jest and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius to my list. You should check out this website if you're reading Infinite Jest — It seems pretty cool.

    I got about half-way through The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao before finals when I had to stop reading and revise a couple workshop pieces and I haven't gotten back to it yet (mostly because I couldn't find it until I cleaned my room last week). What I've read is amazing, though — let me know what you think when you finish.

    Some ideas, just because I like to plug for my favorite writers:
    Birds of America by Lorrie Moore (stories)
    Super America by Anne Panning (stories)
    Between Panic and Desire by Dinty W Moore (memoir)
    A Blind Man Could See How Much I Love You by Amy Bloom (short stories)
    The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer (memoir)
    Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (nonfiction-ish)
    Approximately Heaven by James Whorton Jr. (novel)

    and I don't know how you feel about graphic novels but Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda Barry are amazing “graphic memoirs” that I can't comment without recommending.

  3. Funny, I was just writing a post about “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.” It’ll be up as soon as I finish ranting about Jay Rubin.

    I hate LA. I hate being here. The only positives are old friends and old professors.

  4. I love love Murakami, “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” I burned through in maybe four days because it was that intense for me. There were passages that just stabbed me for their beauty. When you get through that, you have to let me know what you think.

    How’s LA?

  5. Stephanie, I began reading “The Savage Detectives,” and you should read it. It’s all about these Mexican(?) poetry students. Very interesting, at least the 10 pages I read.

  6. I’m a pretty fast reader, and I have nothing else to do besides look for jobs. It feels strange to not have anything to do for once.

  7. OOh! Good list. I LOVE Annie Dillard. One of my profs got me hooked on her. I’ve been meaning to get into Bolano. Let me know what you think of him.

  8. Jesus, Infinite Jest will take you all summer alone. That’s an ambitous reading list; this summer I’ll be lucky if I can get through one book every ten days.

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