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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

This book is absolute genius. Each of these short stories could and does stand on its own, but it is amazing how they work together to produce such a strong sense of loss and longing.
I don’t really have anything to compare it to at this point. I should read more short stories, because I’ve started writing short stories as well, but I haven’t completed one yet.
What does it mean when someone says “it’s alright, we still have the whole semester, and you have a paper to write anyway?” Someone said that to me. I’m so unsure of everything.
I kept tearing up while reading Love Medicine and thinking about ways to write the next nonfiction work I have to complete by Monday. I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel like I’m discovering more of myself, which is producing a severe case of subconscious anxiety. I recently dreamt that my father committed suicide while at the same time attempting to kill me.

2 thoughts on “Books you must read

  1. Effect 🙂I love that, “there are no more simple things.” Sums it up nicely. I think you are very lucky to not have any subconscious anxiety. I’m sorry to hear that about your wife, I hope someday she can bear to think about whatever it was. You seem like a very supportive person, and that’s wonderful to see.

  2. Writing nonfiction has a similar effect/affect (I’ll never know which) on me. I start to find connections and stories in all the simple things in my life. Or, it’s more like the things that were simple become stories and there are no more simple things. It’s invigorating for me, because I have the luxury of having no subconscious anxiety. Thus, it’s only a sense of being in tune with myself. I’m lucky to not have the subconscious anxiety. My wife has been trying to write short snippets of memory, and it’s very traumatizing for her. She’s waking up screaming. We’re backing the memoir project off a bit.

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