We’re halfway done and our most difficult week starts today. In less than four weeks I should be back on the west coast unless some work comes my way here. I finally purchased a new phone, and yes, it is an iPhone. It’s pretty good. At least I hope to take some quality pictures this week without having to lug my regular camera around.

I just rediscovered Pandora. Forgot how much I missed it. Last weekend I got shot in the face with an airsoft gun. It was not a pleasant experience, and became less pleasant when I realized I had blood running down my cheek. I’ve yet to enact my revenge.

I haven’t left Monroe since I got here, but it isn’t so bad because I do nothing besides sleeping and working. I hope I can see more of Detroit before I leave. I’d love to write a piece about it. There’s so much going on here culturally.

See you next week.

One thought on “Briefly

  1. Just so you know, not far from Monroe, in Luna Pier, there are supposed to be some bald eagle nests. Just head south on I-75 to Toledo, to Exit 6. You might need to ask around but I don't know if that will result in finding them; folks tend to be protective of these birds.

    I hope you get to see some of Detroit too!


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