New strategy

Alright, I’m trying something new (again). I’m thinking that I should have done this ages ago. Basically, now you can see examples of my writing AND a widget to donate money towards my living/moving expenses to Roanoke. This is obviously much improved over the idea that a person will go to fundable and then go to my blog to read my writing. Not many people have the patience to do that.

Anyway, if you’re up to it, feel free to donate a dollar or something. The good thing about chipin is that there’s no minimum donation (I hope).

Also, here are some facts about why I’m not eligible for loans and cannot get a job. Here is a list (ongoing) about jobs I’ve applied for recently.

What else can I tell you? There were a lot of arguments for and against donating to my cause on the MFA Blog. The main reason why I want to go to Hollins is that it will benefit me in the long run. With an MFA degree (which is considered an advanced degree no matter how ironic it sounds), I am more qualified for higher education jobs (such as teaching at the university level), and can possibly be sponsored for an employment visa.

I also get the chance to write for two years, and to take part in workshops with other people who consider themselves serious writers. Furthermore, the MFA process is great for networking, as I’ve met many people during the last eight months, people who are committed to writing and supporting other writers. For me, this is just as important as the degree and the writing itself.

As ridiculous and far-fetched as it sounds, in the back of my mind I’m still staying positive about the idea that I might win the $10k Norman Mailer writing prize,the results of which I should be finding out within the next couple of weeks.