I should stop smiling

So, in keeping with my current carpe-diem philosophical leanings, I may actually have a real date this week. Shocking, I know. The Korean girl accepted my facebook date query, so yes, I am getting there. We studied together with her roommates today, and I really enjoyed that. The fact that her roommates are two lesbian girls really interests me. Not in the way you think though.

I’ve never really seen a gay relationship of any sort, and it makes me happy to see one, especially one that is thriving. That statement really makes me seem rather conservative, but I am far from it. I have gay friends but I’ve never seen any of them in a relationship. I naively wonder what it is like to have two gay roommates who are in a relationship. Doesn’t everyone think about what it would be like to have a completely different living situation? Maybe it’s just me.
I really like her roommates. They’re easy going and nice, but they talk too much for me to be able to focus. I’m thinking about asking her if I can cook dinner for all of them this week. It’s time to bring back the famous Russian salad everyone loves.
I seriously think that if I can be happy with someone for a month and a half, it doesn’t matter that I’m leaving, because this will be better than regretting inaction. I’m doing what I’ve always dreamt of, which is taking action and doing what I really want to do, and it feels good. I was walking around today and caught myself smiling, which rarely happens.
Let me clarify: I am not interested in making these people a statistic. I hate having to justify my statements, but I’ve been in trouble before because I say things without clarifying, and I want to avoid that.
Russian nationalism is on the rise, anti-Western sentiment is also rising.
This is dangerous territory.