Help me go to graduate school and make some money in the process

I haven’t posted much about being undocumented, but it’s the main reason why I need financial help right now. I can’t get any loans because I don’t have legal status, and my parents have bad credit and can’t cosign a loan for me, so I’m hoping to get about 1000 people to each give me $40 so that I can go to graduate school.

I’m doing this through a website called Greennote, which is a company built around the peer to peer loan process. The reason I’m using this website is that the loan process doesn’t require a credit check or any sort of citizenship or residency documentation. The website is here to facilitate loan transactions between individuals who are willing to loan money to students.

The loan is legitimate, and if you choose to invest in my education, you would be repaid with interest. One of the benefits of this type of loan is that it is cheaper for me to repay, with interest rates set at 6.8%. Most private loans have an interest rate of at least 9%. Greennote makes a profit through two fees:

Documentation fee of 2% (minimum $49) paid by student (borrower) out of proceeds of loan
Annual lender administration fee of 1% paid by lender out of proceeds of repayment

I have a profile set up on the site which cannot be viewed right now because no one has chosen to pledge any money towards my loan. The site works by using the borrower’s social network (in this case, I sent a bunch of emails out to ask for money). Once someone pledges $100, my profile will be visible on the Greennote network so that people whom I have not emailed can see it and decide whether to donate or not.

Here’s the breakdown of what I need:

$17,000 a year for two years for tuition (I received a 10k tuition grant from the school, but tuition is $27,780)
$3,000 a year for living expenses (this is approximate and will probably be raised to $4,000 because I have to buy food)

Living expenses based on $300 month for rent. I hope to continue freelancing (Russian translation, tutoring, editing/proofreading), but it has been really tough to find any sort of work, especially since I’m looking on craigslist.

So, I need $34,000 for tuition, and $6,000-$8,000 for living expenses, making the total $40,000-$42,000.

See the terms of the loan here

My qualifications:

UC Berkeley graduate (double major: English and Russian) Cumulative GPA: 3.591
One of 15 students chosen for the first year of my graduate program (approximately 280 applications were received this year)
Experienced Russian-to-English translator (I’ll translate anything you want!)

I could go on with this business of selling myself, but really, I’m just a guy who has a dream and needs some help to accomplish it. If you or someone you know can spare $40 for a good cause, please send me an email so that I can send you a Greennote invitation.

Someone asked about how I can get legal status: right now I can wait 5 years or get married to a US citizen. Neither of those are happening any time soon.