I just realized that this will be my 101st post. It isn’t really that important, except in the fact that this is the longest amount of time I’ve spent on a blog. This doesn’t count the LiveJournal account I’ve had since 2004 because I haven’t posted continuous updates on there. This is also completely different because all my entries are uncensored, which has lots of implications.

My mother offered to let her friend stay at our place tonight because she can’t say no to people. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the woman hadn’t brought over her overexcited dog. I forgot how much I hate big dogs. No matter how much I would like a dog, I don’t think I’d be able to handle anything larger than a pug. This lab is crazy. He’s 5 and still super excited at everything. I wish people would train their dogs a bit better. Then again, this brings up the issue of animals as pets, and proper treatment of animals as pets. I don’t think it is cruel of me to ask for an animal to be well-trained.

This woman is also in her sixties or possibly in her seventies and has an attitude of being wanted everywhere she goes. Some people don’t seem to recognize when they should be thankful for the help they get. Instead, they want to take over the entire environment surrounding them. It makes me angry. She also has an irritating east coast accent that just makes everything worse. Sorry east coasters, but she sounds pretentious and bitchy.

And now for something completely different –

Ever wonder how you should approach the idea of getting on with your life after a potentially damaging relationship / incident with someone you cared about? I have the answer, and it’s easier than you think!

Just stop communicating with that person, and you’ll feel better. Ignore their phone calls, remove them from your instant messaging lists (if you’re still using IM services), remove them from your Facebook friend list if you have to (how strange it is that Facebook is taking over our lives in such a way that access to information is the key to relationships). I know it may be difficult to stop talking to someone you loved, but the benefits of self-reliance outnumber the pain of never speaking to said person again. You’ll feel better in a week. When the person will try to talk to you, just walk away from your computer or don’t pick up the phone. It’s easy to avoid someone if you have no way of seeing them or communicating with them.

I’m being completely serious.

I spent an hour yesterday on the phone with my ex, trying to give relationship advice. I should never give relationship advice. All my advice tends to move along the same vein: break up if you want to, but I don’t want to be telling you what to do.

I think that if you make up your mind to get someone off your mind and out of your life, you can do it. Sure, it hurts to think that I’ll possibly never speak to JJ again, but it isn’t worth feeling bad when I can actively improve my life. My goal: not to speak to her until December.