Immigration Reform – You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by

On the day Obama meets with members of Congress to discuss immigration reform, Michael Jackson dies, stealing all the thunder. Smooth criminal.

Still, the news is encouraging, if not completely positive. McCain was at the meeting, and Obama made this statement:

I’m hoping for some movement before October, but at this point, it’s very doubtful. The good thing is that Dream Act activism across the country has made an impact. There was a NY Times editorial about the Dream Act mock graduations, and one about immigration reform, and lots of other coverage. I can only hope people are starting to pay attention.

I’m currently writing a piece for a “journal” to be put out as part of an investigative story from someone at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Not sure how much of an impact it will make, but it’s something I wanted to contribute to.

PS. I got nothing against Michael Jackson. I’ve even been on his ranch. It was nice.

Faith Redux

These last three days have been nightmarish, but I’m doing pretty well.

I reiterate, the Dream Act is my only hope against waiting 5 years for a visa. And now, it looks like Obama is refusing to take a direct stand on the issue. The immigration meeting that was supposed to take place at the White House has been pushed back, and now it looks like it isn’t even a serious meeting. When will he start keeping his promises? He sure as fuck won’t keep a Congressional majority by midterm elections if he keeps this up.

To top it off, USCIS is slow as fuck on their application processing and visa priority dates. What the fuck!? From May-June, the priority date shifted 3 months, which seemed like good news at the time. Of course, this is until the July visa bulletin came out a week ago, stating that the priority date had shifted ONE WEEK. Technically, the priority date should shift a month for every month that goes by. If it shifts more than a month in the August bulletin, I’ll be very happy. Three months is a pipe dream, of course, because that would mean I’d have my visa in sixteen months instead of fifty four or sixty, but I had such high hopes after the last visa bulletin.

There is a need for immigration reform, if only for those people who have to wait ten years to get permanent residency legally. We aren’t even talking about illegal immigrants here, this is about legal immigrants such as myself who’ve been waiting for years and now find ourselves in a situation where we can’t get green cards because we aged out due to the government’s behemoth bureaucracy. They should have let us keep our original priority dates, filed by our parents, but apparently that’s not possible, especially since a new decision came out two days ago. I’d post a link but I’m too tired. What it means is that if I were able to keep my original priority date, which was sometime in 2001, I’d have my green card immediately, because the current priority date is in late 2002. But because the courts have decided that I’m not eligible for my parents’ original priority date, my priority date is the one that matters, and my priority date is November 2007.

You do the math. Meanwhile, I’m not eligible for loans or any federal aid, which means that unless my parents can take out a private loan, I’m not going to Hollins.

I’m holding out hope for my father coming back from Russia to work in Puerto Rico, which would pay considerably more than what he’s supposed to be making now. I hope Obama finally presses the immigration issue.