Yet another long neglected poem

I miss poetry. At the same time, I’m glad I’m going to Hollins for nonfiction.


You’ve lost weight
he says, he is worried

I am worried
because my daily caloric intake
has been five hundred calories
for two months and I see bones
I’ve not seen since
one hundred and fifty pounds
at six foot four.

He hands me the can of tuna
I will later open
and mix with rice
force feeding myself.

You look thin and you must feed yourself
she says over the internet
because she is in England
and loves to fuck Irish guys.

What can I say?
It just happened.

A long neglected poem


In bed, we’re beautiful,
I’m afraid.

The first time we slept,
we dreamt together.

Later, you certainly wished
to exchange me for a smaller boyfriend
because we didn’t fit in the bed

but that night,
we were somehow content
in our relentless beauty.