Analytics is serious business

Curiously enough, 57 new people read my blog because of that MFA Blog post about my adventures with fundable. Considering the average time spent reading my blog by people who came here from fundable was over 7 minutes, I am very impressed. Compare this to an average of 6:40 minutes by people who come here directly (typed in this address or follow a bookmark).

I’m kind of a geek when it comes to statistics and social engineering as such. I mean, putting information out there is social engineering at its best. You dress up your cause or your thoughts, mask everything or put an appealing spin on it, then send it out to the world, hoping that people will come and read whatever it is you’ve written.

Analytics is cool because it allows you to find out where people are coming from, who they are (in a very basic sense), and what they do on your page. In terms of making your site popular, analytics play an important role. For those of us who know they will never be super popular, analytics is a cool way of finding out who is interested in our work.

Anyway, I guess I should start putting out more serious posts filled with words, instead of videos, to get your attention. Maybe some more meaningful posts would be beneficial as well.