An exercise in memory

Things discussed in the span of three hours:

God, atheism, Buddhism, mental health, Catholicism, nature v. nurture, memory, whether the duality of good/evil is fair or ultimately biased, whether we can have a conversation that doesn’t result in one person being told he/she’s wrong, happiness, karma, reincarnation, Mario, texting, breakups, whether I will be punished for having free will, whether a person who is isolated from birth will be an atheist or a believer in religion, serotonin, anger, vespas, uncertainty, the inability to write, drugs, being used, using, San Francisco, leaving, abuse, parents, detachment, despair, dependence, birthdays, peer pressure, breaking the rules, death, weed, cigarettes, alcohol, therapy, fear, irrationality, farting, insecurity, men, women, children, cheating, sex, being thirsty, disability, fragmentation, the norton anthology of literary theory and criticism, dance, tagalog, age, Lennard J. Davis, honors classes, communication, mutual respect, friends, the 1950s, sexism, TV shows, USF.