Recollections of the bridge

We used to cross the bridge on buses, in the afternoon and at night, when the city lights flashed across the bay. Once, we must have stayed late at a party and missed the last train. We went to the Transbay Terminal on 2nd street, waited for the bus under the building overhang, stood among the night shift workers and drunks. For some reason, it is the only time I ever remember riding the bus with her at night. She looked pretty, but tired, and she sat in the front of the bus, in a seat facing the back. It was the only seat available; every other seat had been taken. We must have done this several times, but I only remember that single time. I had to stand the entire way, and she nearly fell asleep on the forty five minute trip. It was 1am, and the city glowed, a perfect backdrop for photographs taken from Treasure Island. I remember a man with a bike, and a woman with tattoos, and older black men who looked exhausted, but not from drinking.

After the bus goes through Oakland, it drives up Telegraph Ave towards campus. You can see it from miles away – Barrows Hall is visible first, from 50th avenue, around thirty blocks away. As you reach Ashby, twenty blocks closer, the Campanile emerges. It is the defining campus building, built east of center, a long walk leading away from it downhill, to the west. Someone once joked that the walk was created so that the Campanile would have a place to fall in case of an earthquake. From the top of the tower, you can see the city, the ocean, a bit of the hills behind the campus if it isn’t foggy or raining.

Day Two

Had my second day of work today. I was worried over the weekend because I didn’t get a scheduling call, but turns out they lost my phone number and only found it this morning.

I’d like to think I’m improving, but who knows. Time management remains a crucial part of my problems. I have the desire to go in depth into every question, but unfortunately it’s not possible and becomes a great waste of time. This is especially true when students are uncommunicative.

Speaking of communication, I’m having a hard time getting through to some of them on a personal level. It’s difficult because I’m an introvert, and I’ve had to adjust to become a bit of an extrovert. I’m also having trouble keeping up their energy level, though I seem to have solved that problem by changing up the way in which we went over questions.

If class wasn’t enough, I spent three hours getting home on buses. Sadly, my house is only 15 miles away from my workplace. Maybe next time I should just walk home and save an hour.

Every time I get out of class, I feel like my brain has completely shut down, and I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping. Next week I begin two two hour sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can’t imagine how I will feel then. Probably very unhappy.