I don’t believe in fate but I love cats

Ironically enough, the idea of fate seems to be following me around lately. Today was the second time I heard about fate in regard to my appearance. I was calling people from the Hollins English Department list to find housing on Wednesday and after about four calls, I finally got through to someone whose listing looked really good. They offered a furnished room with included utilities and an owner/housemate who is willing to cook communal meals. Sounded too good to be true, and I was afraid the rent would be crazy. So I called and the price was pretty good, $375. It’s not as good as something in the high $200s, which I would have gotten if B and I had managed to be roommates this year, but it’s pretty good.

Coming from Berkeley, where I paid about $530 to live in the living room for the past year, this was a great deal. I started talking to the woman, and she seemed nice and very willing to have me as a roommate without even meeting me beforehand (which is pretty much impossible unless I stayed with someone for a couple of days for free when I get there while trying to find housing). She has another roommate, an adjunct professor in his forties at some school in Roanoke, and two cats. Sounds pretty good. I love cats.

I called her today to confirm the date and to ask if I could do some work around the house in exchange for lower rent, and she agreed. So now I’m going to be paying $350. As we were talking, she started telling me about how she had really needed someone to take the room and was having a conversation about how she wanted someone intelligent, artistic, and clean (that’s her wishlist). Apparently, I called twenty minutes after she had that conversation with someone. After she told me that, she continued to talk about “The Secret,” and at that point I tried to be polite, but I really don’t believe in it.

I find it interesting that something like this happened to me. It’s rare for me to be lucky, especially in the housing department. I’ve always been screwed because I either had to do all the work, or because I started looking too late. Let’s hope this place is as good as it sounds.

I’ll be flying out there on the 27th, the day before the orientation.