This is what I do when I don’t sleep

Because I recently got yelled at for not being able to get a job, I now try to find all the points I can find for in hopes of winning 10k. Too bad all these scholarship sites seem like a scam. Also, too bad using points means nothing when the drawing is random. In theory, if you use 700 points for something, that means you have 700 chances of getting your number drawn. This one seems more legit because there’s an actual person running the facebook group. Oh well.

So far, I’ve found 870 points in about an hour. Considering the average amount of points is 15-20, I’ve done pretty damn well. This is a testament to my penchant for using the search function instead of reading every article that says, “read me to get the code for 25 points.”

Does this seem like a waste of time? Do you want to help? You can register an account by using my referral here (don’t worry, the url has my reference, so you don’t need to do anything but register). This will give me points!

I don’t think they’ll spam you. I mean, you can certainly unsubscribe if they do.

Fuck, can you tell I’m desperate?