Denis learns his lesson

So, people warn you about spilling liquids on your computer. They say it’s not a good idea to do so. Well, they’re right. I own a trusty desktop which I’ve had since 2003, and it has served me rather well. The other day I decided to drink some juice while I was sitting at my desk (which isn’t really a desk but more on that later), and of course, I ended up knocking over the glass, which spilled all over my tower, the carpet, and the bed. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there hadn’t been a fan on top of my case. Because there’s a fan on top of my case (to provide additional cooling) the juice went into the fan aperture and dripped inside the case onto the video card.

Seriously, don’t spill anything on your computer! I spent half an hour cleaning berry juice out of my case and got really lucky that when I started it up half an hour later, it worked. I considered myself lucky on that one and decided to be more careful about drinks on my desk (small table) in the future.

Today, I decided that I wanted some milk at 4am. So I fill up the same exact glass with milk, and go to my desk (shitty table) and I drink the milk. Then I decide to get another glass of milk and some waffles. I bring everything back and sit down, and then I spill the milk all over my case. So this time, I didn’t turn off my computer as fast as the first time. I’m lucky that the motherboard sits vertically in the case, because otherwise all the milk would have gone on the motherboard. The video card sits horizontally, and that’s the problem. I had to clean up the case, and then I took out the video card to clean it a little better.

I don’t know what happened this time. I can start my computer (I’m on my father’s computer now) and boot it up, but the video is choppy and fragmented, and the computer ended up crashing (most likely because the card overheated or got fried). I guess I’ll leave everything for a couple of days to see if if ends up drying out. I don’t really care about the video card because it is six years old and can be cheaply replaced, but I am worried about the hard drives and the motherboard.

If I have to replace everything, I’d rather get a laptop, and an external hard drive enclosure to transfer all my files. I’m not really worried about the hard drives now, but I do need to check them later today to make sure all the files haven’t been corrupted. I mean, I booted the computer up fine, and then I think it crashed because the video card got messed up, so I think the hard drives are okay.

I learned my lesson! No more drinking anything around my computer. I guess this also means I’ll be spending less time online until I have a reliable computer.