I got waitlisted at The New School today by mail. This is really shocking, particularly because it was my dream school. I know that if I do get a spot, I’ll have to turn it down because it will be really really expensive and I already accepted at Hollins. This makes me wonder if I should have waited longer to make my decision, or if I should have simply waited another year and reapplied with stronger samples. I’m a little nervous about everything right now.

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  1. Denis, I just read your full blog. Exciting and interesting last couple of months. I’m a CNF writer and I relate to your oscillating sense of writing skill. One day I’m shocked by what I’ve written and how good it is, and a week later I’m thinking I won’t even get accepted to the MA program in CW at my undergraduate university. Anyway, I’m curious as to any advice you have about CNF app process, since I’ll be applying next year. It sounds like it’s far away and in the immediate future simultaneously. Your simple and honest posts are very enjoyable. Congrats on your list of acceptances. cashewelliott at g mail dot com

  2. Thanks. I have to decline your offer of Hollins admit transmogrifying, since New York is where my heart has always been. But it’s nice to be found appealing, if only for the stripes. 🙂

  3. man: 4 terms at $11.5/term. It’s almost half the cost of the other NYC school where I got in last year, though. So to me it’s not so daunting.And really, everyone talks about how expensive NY is and blah blah, but so much of that depends on 1) what ‘hood you live in and are *willing* to live in, 2) how frugally you can live, and 3) whether you’re willing to work even part-time while you’re doing your MFA. If you absolutely have to live in Greenwich Village or Midtown or Morningside Heights in BK, then yeah. You’re going to pay out your ass, and you deserve to, for wanting to live with all the financiers. (They’re still there, economy or no.) There are affordable pockets to live in, as long as you’re willing to take a 15-30 min daily ride to class. If that doesn’t bother you, then fuck what everyone says about cost of living. Most urban places in Cali are the same, if not worse. Again, not helpful since you’ve accepted at Hollins, perhaps? But I just wanted to throw my two cents in on the COL argument.Also, Robert Hass makes me die 1,000 deaths from the ridiculous rays of beauty he beams into my skull. I would have pillaged and plundered to sit under him, you goofy Slav, you.

  4. So this is probably not helpful at all, but hey – maybe you SHOULD think about the New School. 🙂You’d have an automatic friend! I could show you how east coasters kick it.But yeah, TNS is expensive, to the tune of 23k per year. Just know that being debt-ridden is a phenomenal cripple to all things creative, believe me. If you have the opportunity to avoid it, I’d say do. Congrats to you on your acceptances, too! Don’t be nervous. You’re in. With funding. Now go write. C’est tout.

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