I dreamt about JJ a couple of days ago, woke up and thought I’d actually seen her. Then I realized it had been a dream. The subconscious is a powerful element. How else do you explain a vivid dream where everything she says sounds perfectly logical, where I hear her laugh and see her smile and feel her hugs. I don’t even know how many weeks it has been since we’ve spoken. Like X said, I’m in the moment of remembering the good moments now.

Dreaming reminds me of Murakami. More importantly, dreaming reminds me of the DREAM Act and immigration reform, which I’ve mistakenly stopped mentioning on this blog. Please do some research on immigration reform and support the DREAM Act. For many undocumented students such as myself, it’s the only chance for a better life. At the rate my immigration petition is moving through the system, I’ll be 30 years old by the time I get a green card. I’d have been in the US for 20 years; two-thirds of my life would have been spent in California.

A couple of my Bay Area friends stopped by on the way home from the San Diego Comic Con. It’s been several months since we’ve seen each other. The last time was the Tuesday before I left Berkeley. I’d gone to San Francisco to see them and we ended up going to a Ramen restaurant in Japantown, on Post and Laguna, then drove to the Sunset to go to a Japanese dessert cafe. Today, we went to Subway and had a good hour all together before they left to drive the five hours to SF. It’s a shame Richard went to Japan and didn’t come to SDCC. Chris and Luke more than made up for his absence though. They’re wonderful people and they make me realize how lucky I’ve been to meet them.

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  1. Hey Denis, thanks for your kind words about my drawing. I'm very amateur, but with training I might be able to do some decent finished pieces.

    Kind of like writing.

    I want you to know, I'm very moved by your struggles to obtain full immigrant status. I have always supported gov't measures for making naturalization and immigration readily available and uncumbersome for those who want to be here.

    I hate the idea of you being kept from attending Hollins because of your immigrant status issues. With ~14 years of American residency under your belt, since a childhood age, you deserve citizenship status and the federal education assistance that becomes available with it.

    Thanks for sharing that story – I really do hope things resolve for you. Have you contacted Hollins and explained the situation? Deferment may be a very real possibility for you while you try to work this out.

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