Everything is sore

I spent about five hours today working with freshmen marching band members at my old high school. It was great, but I forgot how sore I get from doing all the marching stuff, and how badly my back is fucked up.

I want to be in band again. I miss the marching. I miss the excitement of getting ready to go on the field, and these kids are going to experience four years of that. That’s a long time. I’m a bit jealous that they’re going to all these great places now (they just went to DC to play at the Kennedy Center), but I think my group of friends really started this tradition of excellence. We were sophomores when AB came to Hart, a new generation, a generation scheduled to rebuild the band program. Of course, it was AB who did most of the rebuilding, but I like to think we did our part too.

It’s funny to think that in six years, I hadn’t stepped in that room until yesterday. Six years is a fucking long time. I’m glad to be back. It felt good to go out and communicate with some kids and to be in that community again. It felt really good to get out of the house and not sleep until 3pm.

Tomorrow is another day of learning marching basics, then the kids are off for summer vacation. In late late July band camp will start, and I will be out there with them, getting a tan, working on drills and foot placement and body positioning. I can’t wait.

A friend of mine said I shouldn’t hit on any of the girls. I have to say, the thought didn’t even cross my mind. Isn’t it creepy? I mean, in theory, when I was in high school, all the girls did was talk about college guys, but I’m a bit older than that now. It would make sense if we were all four years older, but even then, I always had a negative impression of guys who were almost thirty or past thirty and were dating 22 year old girls. But that’s probably because I was insecure and jealous of them.

I can’t rationalize asking a 16/17 year old out on a date, but I don’t feel like dating someone more than four years younger than you is impossible. Hell, I’ve done it.

I’ve also dated older, and it wasn’t all it’s cracked out to be.

One thought on “Everything is sore

  1. I'm not sure why there are guys my age want to date 22-year-old girls–aside from the obvious, which I guess is enough for them.

    I don't think I could date anyone younger than their late 20s. We'd both be in very different points of our lives and I think it would be hard to connect. I could do other things with younger guys, however…I guess then I'm no different than the guys who chase younger women!

    My father's wife is 30 years younger than him. I think by themselves they are wildly dysfunctional, which is probably why they work as a couple. But she has the lifestyle of a 70-year-old man. I don't understand what she gets from that situation.

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