For some reason, I’ve been on a huge Matt Damon streak lately. I watched “Good Will Hunting,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” and am now considering watching “Saving Private Ryan.”

I don’t know why I’m in such a nineties mood, or why I want to watch films with Damon. I feel like he’s done good work in the last ten years, but the nineties were really good for him. Really, he’s only made three good noncommercial films in the last ten years: “The Departed,” “The Good Shepherd,” and possibly “Invictus.” I’m not discounting the Bourne series, because that’s actually one of the better adaptations I’ve seen, and I enjoyed it for the action. Sadly, I don’t really see Damon doing too many serious roles, which is disappointing because he’s a fantastic actor. Watch “The Talented Mr. Ripley” again and tell me that’s not a great film. He’s so damn good in that and it’s creepy as hell.

Also, “Good Will Hunting” kind of kills me with the “It’s not your fault” scene.

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  1. “Saving Private Ryan” is worth watching at least once, just like any well-done war film.

    Yeah, Ripley is pretty sad at the end.

  2. I LOVE THAT FILM!!! I've seen it twice, and the last scene of the film (The talented…) makes me cry, coz yes, it's creepy, but it's also very sad.

    I WANT to see Saving Private Ryan…I've never seen it. And absolutely, that scene with Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

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