Fire road

After the switchbacks ended, we could see the valley, and the freeway in the distance, winding down the mountain pass like a white ribbon. I couldn’t tell what it was for a few minutes, my sense of direction somehow turned around in my head, facing east. We sat in the car until I got the paranoid feeling that someone was coming up behind us, creeping up the dark road towards the car. I shouldn’t have said anything, but once I did, she got scared, and we turned around and drove down the mountain. On the way down, she drove too fast, steering with one hand on the wheel, the other resting on the gear shift.

The full moon threw a sharp contrast against the city lights and the rocks bounding towards us.

2 thoughts on “Fire road

  1. I've been super super super busy 🙁

    I do like Murakami, but I don't consciously imitate him.

    Pretty much all of the advice I've ever read on writing says to be aware of language and to use it sparingly. I wanted to write like Hemingway for a while. I also used to write poetry a lot more, so I think that influences me more than specific writers.

    And I'm concise by nature, so that helps.

  2. Why haven't you been updating?!

    Glorious. Btw, I meant to ask, is your writing influenced by Murakami? It's very contained, flows.

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