Foot in mouth

Met Yvonne’s boyfriend today. He is really nice. We writers move in the same circles, and then are surprised when we meet someone who knows all our friends but whom we’ve never been introduced to. I also met her friend who is apparently moving to China in the fall. Also a very interesting person. We four had gone to a student reading at which Yvonne read, and she was by far the best.

I think that creative writing minors don’t justify reading shitty writing. Really. Sure, it’s nice to get some appreciation for those people who have completed a whole 5 extra classes, but after 3 workshops, you’d think most of these people would know how to self-edit.
This one story was about a guy who was forced to write a story at gunpoint, and the entire story is basically a fucking boring ass moment by moment retelling of a day which for some odd reason includes some guy getting hit in the back of the head by a baseball bat, and his eye flying through a bus window into someone’s lap. Keep in mind, we only find out about the fact that this is a meta-story at the end, when of course, he tells us he’s being held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, we sit through 5 pages of “events,” such as some person throwing a party and eating pizza and another person crying to her roommates, all the while the author tries to “subtly” reinsert the eyeball, which for some unknown reason ends up in a cooler, into the story. I kept waiting for the cool eyeball punchline but instead got the absolutely horrificaly boring meta-fiction “I AM BEING HELD AT GUNPOINT SO I MUST WRITE A STORY” cliche. Not to mention the language.
Sorry, I’m being pretentious now.
On the other hand, Yvonne was great. And her friends are nice, and we all got free food after the reading, and then we ended up taking a bunch of it with us, so I got a nice free meal out of this, which is great because I’ve been eating one meal a day for the past 5 days and a bit of fruit and cheese goes a long way.