Hemingway again

I’m reading “A Moveable Feast,” which is Hemingway’s memoir on his life as an expat in Paris. It’s very jarring at times, and it elaborates his fascination with machismo and heroism, but it also provides some interesting character studies of the people he knew. One of my favorite chapters so far has been about Gertrude Stein, whom he portrays as a complete bitch. I’m not sure how much of this is fiction, but it is certainly entertaining to see famous writers in the context of their friends, who are or eventually become famous writers themselves.

Just watched “Elegy,” with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz. It’s an adaptation of Roth’s “The Dying Animal,” and it makes me want to read the novel. I really enjoyed this film.

Germany plays Spain in a few short hours for the final spot in the world cup finals match!

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  1. Not really. I was surprised though, because I usually think that famous writers lived in a vacuum. Obviously not though.

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