I adore you

February –

The first and only time I saw her at Trieste happened to be the first time I had the nerve to go in. I was always slightly intimidated by the intimacy of the cafe.

She sat directly in front of the door, in the center of the cafe. I had to walk right by her to get to the counter. I walked past and stood at the counter for a while, pretending to look at the menu.

After ordering a vanilla latte and a croissant sandwich, I found the only empty table next to a railing which ran from the door to the middle of the cafe. Every time someone came in, a draft of cold air would hit me. It wasn’t the most comfortable table, which explains why it was open. She sat in front of me. For several minutes she was alone, then two other girls came in and joined her. The strangest thing about her was the Bible she began reading with the two girls. It took me a few moments to realize it was a Bible study group meeting.

She’s part of the reason I decided to come back to the cafe after that day, yet I never saw her again.