I don’t know, man

I was just reading my fiction, and it sucks. Like, I have to rewrite most of what I’ve written because it’s stylistically tacky. Good ideas, poor execution. But maybe that’s just because it is 3am and I’m reading everything now after more than 6 months of not writing fiction. That could be it. I have to start writing full-time again, instead of whenever I feel like it. I have to write 10 pages this week.

New goal: 10 pages of fiction/nonfiction a week. Preferably 10 pages of both.
New goal: stop thinking about being lonely
New goal: pay my credit card bill so my credit score isn’t ruined
New goal: find my mother a job
New goal: go to sleep before 4am
New goal: revise 3 pieces of nonfiction before June 10th
New goal: submit to 3 literary publications within the next month
New goal: finish Murakami by next week

That should do it.