I’m moving to Virginia

I just accepted my nonfiction spot at Hollins.  I am really excited.  Now, I just need to finish up at Berkeley and not fail any classes. 

CNF spots are open at USF, Emerson, and Rutgers-Camden.
I can’t believe I’m still waiting on Penn State, The New School, and Rutgers-Newark.  What a joke.

3 thoughts on “I’m moving to Virginia

  1. Eh, the Trethewey thing happens. I hail from Atlanta and Emory University in particular, and as for when I’ll be moving and all those logistics, it all depends on what job I accept for the summer. I just emailed Cathy today to accept the offer, so everything’s new. UNC Greensboro was where I figured I’d end up since I was accepted in January, so the Hollins thing feels weird.What genre are you?

  2. Not to be totally stalkery, but the MFA blog makes it way too possible. I just accepted my Hollins offer today, so I guess I’ll see you this fall!

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