It’s always sunny in LA

No really. Except for that one day, Wednesday, when it looked like SF from the air, a blanket of clouds covering the valley as far as I could see. And then when I got home it was sunny, so that was more in line with expectations.

I have a shoot starting in 9 hours. I should really get some sleep. I’ll most likely be back in SF in about three weeks.

It feels like summer here! And it’s kind of nice, if I don’t think about the lack of public transportation and culture.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations?

4 thoughts on “It’s always sunny in LA

  1. I read “Gangster…” awhile back, and I definitely love it. I wish she would write another novel or something.

    Thanks for the other recommendations 🙂

  2. I'm reading Paul Theroux (The Elephanta Suite) for the first time,'s interesting, is all I'll say for now.

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