Let me repeat

Let me repeat this to myself: I do not need religion or therapy, I do not need anyone but myself. I’m going to make all of this work on my own, so no one can say I didn’t deserve it, no one can keep looking down at me, no one can expect more for less, always asking and never giving.

I’m going to make this anger work for me, not against me. I’m going to make my frustration into a positive force for change, for work, for productivity and life.

I don’t need anything. I don’t need you. I only need myself and that’s the best I’ll ever get, because no one is worth all that pain and misery.

This is to affirm the power of the self. I wish I had realized this earlier, years ago. There is so much valuable energy to be had from seeing oneself in a positive light. Suddenly, everything is possible.

Also, I just hit 400 friends on Facebook.


or, you know, I just add everyone I meet.