No more blog posts for a while

Unfortunately, this blog has become more about my ups and downs than anything else. I’m also in a phase where everything is either going well or terrifically badly, and so I will refrain from posting about any of my problems. As soon as anything improves, something else instantly kills it.

I feel bad that you’ve been reading my posts, which haven’t done anything constructive lately. I always had a pretty high standard for myself, so now is a good time to stop compromising.

2 thoughts on “No more blog posts for a while

  1. The real reason you won't post here for a while is that The MFA Chronicles takes up too much of your time 😉

    Seriously though, don't beat yourself up! I haven't read but a handful of your posts here, still I must say that the quality of writing certainly engages. Have you heard that line of F. Scott Fitzerald's about how “most writers line themselves up along a solid gold bar”? Maybe you have an issue you feel passionate about, which you could explore further here to keep yourself posting while you deal with the up's and down's . . .

    Either way, best of luck to you!

    (Personally, I'm drawn in by how you've moved from Russia to the West Coast and now all the way to the East Coast. I'm curious to see if you'll experience any culture shock . . . I'm a military brat and moving around has been quite a ride for me!)

  2. I disagree– as a reader– about your posts not making for constructive reading, but I guess it's different for you as a writer. Good luck, and hope you're back here soon, writing the things you want to write about. Good luck, Denis!

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