No news is no news

Well, I still haven’t heard from Penn State, which is a bit annoying. It’s either rejection or waitlist, and at this point, I hardly care.

I finally finished my new nonfiction piece. I guess it helped that I wrote half of it last night and then went to bed, and wrote the rest of it this afternoon. I thought my last piece was much better than what I had written throughout the year and submitted to MFAs. I think this piece is a little better than that, more focused, less experimental.
I also make temporal moves which are much clearer than they have been. The only thing that bugs me is the ending, which I can’t figure out. In my last piece the ending was perfect, it just happened. I want something like that here, but so far it feels like it just cuts off. Oh well, it’s a problem for the workshop now, and I don’t care about those people. I’m tired of reading essays that can’t even bother to write in grammatically correct sentences.