Norman Mailer submission

I submitted to the Norman Mailer nonfiction contest on Friday night, after a serious one hour revision. Ugh, that makes me feel horrible. I didn’t have enough time to revise. I did a lot though, and I’m somewhat happy with the result. I think it is the most publishable piece of work I’ve ever written.

Wish me luck…I’ll find out in August.

4 thoughts on “Norman Mailer submission

  1. Haha, yeah it would be cool if someone I knew won the contest…that someone being me, I like that!

  2. yeah, mine’s way freakin long. I was telling my wife that I would expect that a shorter piece would win the contest. It would be very cool if someone I knew won the contest. It would be very, very cool if someone I knew very well won the contest – like ME!

  3. No, I submitted “Frenchie,” because a professor told me that it was better than the one with the footnotes, and so I only submitted that one. It’s only 5 and a half single-spaced pages, but he said that shorter pieces are better, and submitting up to the limit isn’t always a good idea.

  4. I was thinking this was only available to people who will be seniors next semester, but I was wrong (in fact I think they changed the copy because I don’t think I would have missed it had it included “current seniors” the first time). So that’s good, it means that I’m safe even though I’m starting grad school, because graduating seniors were ok. And you to. Did you submit that one piece, with the footnotes?

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