I forgot about a couple of publications for a few years: Small Spiral Notebook and Smartish Pace. I submitted something to Smartish Pace in 2006, and in those days, one could actually get an individualized response from the founder and editor, Stephen Reichert:

Dear Denis,

Thank you for entering your poems in the Erskine J. Poetry Prize. I enjoyed reading your submission. “The Anti-Cliche Love Letter” was very competitive and the best poem you submitted. Unfortunately your poems were not selected for the prize. I appreciate your interest in this prize and in Smartish Pace. Below are the results.

6th Annual Erskine J. Poetry Prize
First Prize: “A French Statue” by Kevin McFadden
Second Prize: “Hysterectomy” by Amber L. Cohen
Third Prize: “Shifts” by Angie Mazakis

“Hardscrabble” by Amber L. Cohen
“Door on Door” by Carol Frith
“City” by Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III)
“Late Alzheimer’s” by Susan Kelly-DeWitt
“Abandoned” by Greg Nicholl
“User’s Guide” by Judith Pacht
“Hesitation” by Suzanne Roberts
“How I Would Paint” by Marjorie Saiser

*All poems will appear in Issue 14 (April 2007) of Smartish Pace.

Stephen Reichert

–Prize Judge
Smartish Pace
P.O. Box 22161
Baltimore, MD 21203

I remember being pretty humbled by the fact that I actually got a personalized response from Stephen. I wonder if that’s possible now that they’re a very well established site. They even got a redesign somewhere along the way, and recently (at least within the last 2 years) had Robert Hass do a Q&A.

Well, actually, I guess Small Spiral Notebook shut down almost two years ago, but for some reason the site is still up. How strange. Anyway, Smartish Pace is an awesome website and you should go check it out if you’re a poet.

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  1. Thanks Denis, for the kind words. Yes, I still write responses as often as possible, esp. when the poems are good/close but don't make the issue. It's been 11 years but not much has changed around here except for the growing number of submissions.


  2. Hey Denis,
    Yeah, I plan on posting on the critique group, hopefully in the next few months. I’ll let you know when I do. And as all other alums say to each other…Go Bears!

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