Starvation is nothing to joke about

So, I think my average daily caloric consumption for the last month and a half has been around 500 calories.

My friend Steve noticed that I lost a lot of weight. I’m starting to notice too. I hope the money I just got from my parents will be enough to buy a decent amount of food for 3 weeks. I hope.

I need to check how much weight I’ve lost.

But here’s two pictures. The first was taken in November 2008. The second was taken April 27th 2009.

Tell me if you notice a difference.

I think that from now on I will post my daily caloric intake, so I can actually judge what’s going on.

I don’t even know why I posted this. I feel guilty about asking people for help or just telling them about my problems. I feel like I don’t deserve to be helped because I’ve partly brought this on myself by spending inordinate amounts of money on MFA applications and coffee, instead of buying food or paying off my credit cards, or saving money, or finding a job that pays under the table.

I feel like vomiting at the moment šŸ™