Time for some introspection

I spent a couple of hours hanging out with Yvonne and Jill today. It was fun, but strange. We went to an out of class poetry workshop led by Ariana Reines, and it was me, Yvonne, Jill, Ariana, and a new girl, Lauren(?). Anyway, Ariana is awesome, and has been hosting these workshops throughout the semester. I have yet to bring in any work, since I stopped writing poetry more than a year ago.

Yvonne is gorgeous. I always thought she was. I remember the first time I saw her at a poetry reading but was too shy to talk to her. Now we have a class together. She’s gained a lot of weight but she still looks amazing, and it just reminds me of how good she used to look. She’s also really sweet and we both lived in LA, so I feel like we have a lot in common. We had a good hour and a half long conversation today about Lost and writing and such.
Jill and I have a weird thing going on. I have never seen her date anyone in the two years I’ve known her, and yet when I had a Match account recently, I saw her profile, and she saw mine. We never spoke about it. Every time I see her, we have really strange chemistry. I’m not necessarily attracted to her, I just like her sense of humor and the kind of person she is. She’s a great friend.
All three of us went to an art gallery across from campus, which is run by a group of students. My friend Jeremy is part of this group. The shit that was up in that gallery wasn’t even remotely interesting.
To top it off, contemporary artists think it’s cool to buy shirts with Soviet propaganda and to make them into art. That is such bullshit. That’s a commodification of my history. It’s not like I can take something American, which is meant to be commodified, and make art out of it. Americans are fine with that. They have no history.
Russia is different. These people, and Urban Outfitters specifically, are profiting off the misinformed idea that anything that’s not written in English and cannot be understood is “Avant-Garde.” Bullshit. It’s not avant-garde, it’s ignorant. Russia has nothing to do with your art, so fuck off and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
It simply amazes me how artists take advantage of people’s ignorance. I have no problem if Russian culture is used with some sort of point, but what the hell is the point?

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  1. Mine got much better when I quit lacrosse in the middle of a game a week and a half ago. That was weird. I’ve never quit anything before. And I’ve played lacrosse for like 7 years. I even used to be the captain of the USU team, but then I went away a couple years and now no one knows me and the coach doesn’t play me and I finally got really upset because I feel I’m a smarter player than some of the other kids out there getting play time. So I quit. Went home. Felt like a loser but also was sick of getting walked on.

  2. “The only dogma that really rivals it’s missteps is the Christian Zionist movement, supporting Israel so the Jews can return to their homeland so Jesus can come and send the Jews to hell.”

    HAHAHA, that’s quite a leap of logic on their part.

    My back is much better, thanks. I guess I needed to sleep better for one night, and it improved. I do feel pain every now and again though, so I need to work on improving my posture and strenghthening my core, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

    How’s your back?

  3. I hope your back is doing better. My extremely lower back got really really tweaked from getting hit very hard in a lacrosse game two weeks ago and I couldn’t walk well for several days. It’s so debilitating, and because it effects rotation and sitting and standing etc it seems especially noticeable to people

  4. this is interesting. nice to have my awareness heightened with regard to using someone’s culture like that. It’s one of those things I’d never think of until I made a big fuck up and immediately realized I was being a prick. Like the time when I was younger and I mentioned something to a mexican friend about him being descended from the Native Americans. Haha, I was pretty young, and being raised Mormon, well, when people get called to serve Mormon missions in Spanish speaking places, my dad used to say it was a “Lamanite” mission – and the Lamanites are the group in the Book of Mormon that is supposed the be the ancestors of the Native Americans.

    honestly, Mormonism is like a clusterfuck of cultural offense. The only dogma that really rivals it’s missteps is the Christian Zionist movement, supporting Israel so the Jews can return to their homeland so Jesus can come and send the Jews to hell. I know that’s a slight misrepresentation since the Jews are probably going to convert when Jesus lands.

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