Give me a topic to write on. I recently found a new publication called The Pedestrian, and their first issue has “empathy” as the topic. Although their topics are supposedly very general, as essay topics should be, I still can’t think of anything to write about regarding empathy.

I need some topic suggestions. It can be anything, as long as it isn’t relationships. Maybe this post will stimulate some ideas by itself, without any outside comment. Who knows. I need to write about something interesting.

4 thoughts on “Topics

  1. Cool suggestions. The mother/father vignettes will have to wait for now. I have been working on a Berkeley neighborhood piece for some time now, as evidenced by my older Trieste posts. Worked on that some more tonight though, I'll see where it takes me.

  2. I like what Anne Lamott says in “Bird by Bird”: a 2×2 inch square is what you should be looking through to start writing. To find your topic. Focus on a tiny niche sort of thing – she gives elementary school cafeteria lunches as her example – and write three pages about it, and before you know it you've got this great piece on why Catholics like mayo and what this says about their home cultures.

    Maybe “empathy” is a bit too big to start with?

    Write about the Berkeley neighborhood. Do a vignette of your mother (or your father). Tell me about the best meal you've ever had and who was there.

    No, really. I'd be interested in all that from you. Big themes often emerge from there.

  3. Chaos.

    Or Choice.

    I find I cannot write enough, or think enough about these two thinks. Interpret them at will.

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