Welcome, welcome to LA

I’m back in LA for a month, working on a film.  Now that I’m a little more motivated to write, I figured I’d write a post here.  I just started reading my friend Peter’s awesome blog about living in Slovenia.  You should check it out because it’s really well written and updated almost every day.

I moved my blog to wordpress because this platform seems to have a bit more functionality.  I think I’ll probably keep the old blog up for a while, just so people can get used to going to a new location.

Can someone who lives in LA tell me about all the new freeway construction going on on the 405?  It’s crazy.  Somehow I doubt that adding a few lanes on the Sepulveda pass will change anything.

I’ve read a lot of scripts lately, and they haven’t all been good, which has given me some motivation to start writing again.  Hopefully someone still reads this!

Oh, if you were my friend on Facebook and you wondered where I went, I deleted my account six months ago.  I’ve never felt better about being anti-social.