Well, whatever

Haha, I’m still on the waitlist for The New School. The waitlist will apparently be open until July 1st.

I think, at this point, I should email them and say I want off. It would be really bad form to stay on and then possibly get admitted and then say, “oh, I can’t go.”

So, opinions?

2 thoughts on “Well, whatever

  1. I think as long as you tell them no fairly quickly (like no more than 24 hours after they admit you), I don't think it's any big deal. I took my name off the wait list awhile ago, but not because of etiquette.

  2. keep yourself on that waitlist it's a win/win for you–you get to find out if you made it in and leave yourself the option to say yes or no (who knows what'll happen in a couple months let alone a few weeks?). they're used to people saying they can't go.

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