Writing is becoming difficult

I haven’t written anything, good or bad, since the middle of February. I’ve found myself stuck in a place filled with relationship memories that I can’t stop writing about. It isn’t that I haven’t written anything at all – I’ve started or continued working on at least four separate essays – but I can’t commit to one. I think this week will be good for me because I have a deadline to complete an essay by Monday (for my nonfiction workshop, which has been absolutely horrendous). I won’t say more, because if I start, it will never stop.

Less than two months to go until I graduate and move back to Los Angeles for the summer. I’m excited and a bit terrified at the prospect of moving to Virginia. Now that I’ve been accepted, I feel very doubtful of my work. But that’s good, because it means I’ll work harder once I get there.
I just accepted an invitation to join the Russian honors society at UC Berkeley. It was my first invitation and it feels pretty good. A nice resume booster for later, although I don’t know if it will help that much.
The slavic graduating class is so small. It’s like twenty students. Weird.

5 thoughts on “Writing is becoming difficult

  1. UNCG keeps telling me how bleak it is, but then tells me what they’re trying to get me (which is a really good funding package), and that hope is not lost yet. I should know on Monday, hopefully.

  2. No worries about being belated–not sure there was anything to really respond to in my post, anyway. I do write fiction. And if only I could come to a decision as to where I’ll be doing that next year…

  3. Kristin, thanks very much 🙂I do agree that moving to a place with few distractions will be very very beneficial for me. That’s why I chose Hollins over USF.Are you a fiction writer? This post is super belated, I apologize.

  4. Congrats on all of your acceptances. I share your terror at the thought of moving to Virginia, since I’ve been living in NYC since 1995! But I think moving out of a city should be good for anyone’s writing, and we’ll be surrounded by a strong writing community dedicated to their craft and doesn’t have many outside distractions–like cities tend to offer. I think we’re both waitlisted at The New School, too–honestly, it was my last choice or programs. Partially because of the expense, and because it’s catered toward people who pursue lives beyond their writing–which, I know, is a good thing, but at this point, it’s not for me. However, I think it’s probably also a much stronger program in CNF than fiction (which is me), so I can understand your pull to study there. And, of course, NYC…I’ll let you know if I choose Hollins!-Kristin (marsupial)

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